Where to drop that beat


If you are bored of eDM, these cool haunts may just be up your alley.

While we love our big music festivals, sometimes we just need a little switch around. Get the lowdown on where to hit the beats in Singapore when you download Circles Discover on iOS or Android.

1. Disco Funk

What is it? Washington Post explains that funk “builds around a central dance beat (and)… spin off dozens of subtextures and counterpoint harmonies which orbit the main beat”. If you are familiar with the groovy beats of disco nights, the amalgamation with funk will excite you with unexpected twists to the beats as you dance along.

Where to boogie: Sin City at The WareHouse Hotel, 31 December 2018.


2. Mambo Jambo

What is it? Quite uniquely Singapore, Mambo Jambo promises a night of old school hits mainly from the 60s and 70s coupled with synchronized dance moves. Fans of this concept will never gonna give (it) up and are always ready to become dancing queens when it returns.

Where to boogie: Zouk Mambo Jambo returns for Christmas, 26 December 2018

Puberty Again.jpg

3. Pop

What is it? 90s and 00s kids unite! If you grew up in those ages, you will understand when we say you never truly grow out of the era of boybands and girl groups. Did you know Backstreet Boys and N*Sync grossed $90million from their concerts in 2001 alone?

Where to boogie: Puberty Again, Hopheads Bar, 21 December 2019; High School Never Ends, 29 December 2019

4. Tropical

What is it? Think Tropics and you think of the sea, sun and sand. But did you know Tropical music is inspired by European and African traditions? We love that it is also a dance-orientated genre so get ready to put on your dancing shoes!

Where to boogie: Tropical Nights, CATO, 11 Jan

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