Events in Singapore: New Year's Resolutions Edition January 2019

So the new year harks, and it is time for us to make our yearly promise to be better versions of ourselves. It's alright even if you have failed to keep up with the plans in the last few years, it's all about renewed hopes and we will make it easier by telling you how you can fulfill those resolutions easily! Get the details on more events in Singapore when you download Circles Discover on iOS or Android.

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1. Improve your energy

One hobby that many of my friends have chosen to pick up is Yoga. There is a reason for its surge in popularity and it definitely has to do with alleviating one from body aches and stress (sounds familiar?). The best part of yoga is how it improves your overall energy so it will be easier to get up and go every day! Yogis will be stoked to find out the YogaFest is coming to Singapore. Budding health nuts can also experience various forms of yoga at the event. Also coming up is Glow Festival which marries music with Yoga for the best of both worlds.

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2. Eat better

I'm a huge proponent of eating well. And by that, I mean learning to enjoy each and every meal you have. This starts from understanding the food you put into your system or getting access to good quality ingredients. Enjoy the best France has to offer at this farmer's market, Petit Marche, or get access to wellness brands at Well+Good Market. Coffee fans can learn and appreciate what goes from bean to cup at La Kopi or cupping sessions held by Dutch Colony Co and Jewel Coffee. That's plenty of events in Singapore happening this festive season to learn more about the food we eat.


3. Be inspired

If you are one of those that hopes to reach new milestones each year, finding inspiration is one of the best way for you to get there. In order to be inspired, you need to transcend your daily life and break your comfort zone. Some baby steps you can take is to revel in the beauty of creations by artists at iLights Singapore or Island Lights Sentosa. Other exhibitions to check out are the multi-media sensory exhibitions at Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo and Future World at ArtScience Museum too.

4. Learn something new

There are many workshops designed to allow hobbyists and amateurs to experience new things. The Hive hosts a number of programmes at its space. An upcoming workshop involves Laser Cutting, which gives you the opportunity to design and create your very own wooden nameplate. This Typesetting workshop by National Library also lets you experience how letterpress print is created.

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