This February, we shine the spotlight on Preeti “Preetipls” Nair and her intriguing life as Singapore’s Top [insert every possible role imaginable here] and now Singapore’s Top Event-Goer. Get the details on the events she’s got her eyes on and check out the events she’s attending on Discover by Circles.Life on iOS or Android.

We chat with Preeti about her super hype life captured in her instastories every single week.

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Photo Credit: Preetipls

We’re going to start this with a toughie. Do you think Singapore is boring?

No, Singapore is not boring. I just think a lot of people like to sit at home and whine because they are just too lazy to put in the effort to search for something fun to do over the weekends. So, yeah, the people who say that are boring!

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There are so many events out there. How do you decide which ones you’re gonna attend?

I’ll attend events if I feel like I really need to treat myself. To actually step out, it’s a lot of effort. To pick out an outfit and to put on your face... if I’m gonna do all that, it has to be worth it! I’m not just gonna go out for a few minutes and do something I won’t enjoy.

I usually go to a lot of concerts. When I was younger I used to save up for a lot of concerts and this is what I still spend on now actually.

If there could only be one event you’d attend in February, which would that be and why?

The Nickelback - Live in Singapore concert! I know I sound like I’m super obsessed with them, but they are a band I thought would never ever come to Singapore and I don’t think they ever have. And the fact that Singapore will be the only country they’re stopping by in Asia is pretty insane! I’m very excited and I can’t believe its happening and it’s happening… SO SOON. I know, I sound like a crazy fan, but that’s ‘cos I am.

Photo Credit: Nickelback, LAMC Productions

Who’s gonna be there with you?

Funny story, because I was actually on a date (haha) and we had a couple of drinks and I saw an event poster for the Nickelback concert and I was like, “OH MY GOSH! NICKELBACK IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!” I just freaked out. I should have thought twice about yelling this out in the middle of a date, but he said, “LET’S GO AH!” That is how I booked Nickelback tickets on the spot and that’s who I’ll be with. So yeah… Wow, I’m so embarrassing. I’ll see you guys at Nickelback.

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How do you respond to people who keep saying, “Bo Jio!”  

Well, there’s a reason you’re not invited. Hahaha. Okay lah, not to be mean.

For people who keep saying “bo jio”, you should become one of those people who are super in the know. Just become the friend that will never say “bo jio” ever again, because everyone will say to you, “Bo jio!” instead.


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